As of Turkey Season 1.3, we no longer collect any information from your usage of Turkey Season. All networking permissions have been removed.


The privacy policy below applies to previous versions of Turkey Season.




Privacy Policy for Turkey Season 1.2.x


Last updated September 3rd, 2012

1. Introduction
Gibbed Games, LLC collects various information throughout your use of our products and services. We respect your privacy and request that you read this policy to understand what information we collect and how we use it.

By using our products or services, you acknowledge and accept the terms of this Privacy Policy.

As our products and services evolve over time, so will our Privacy Policy. This privacy policy covers the specific product and version that contains it. In the event that this product is updated, please review the Policy as new features may require alterations of its contents.

2. Information We Collect

Turkey Season sends player usage data back to Gibbed Games, LLC under the following conditions:

  • When starting up without any saved data, such as on first install or when Turkey Season's data is cleared by the operating system at player request.
  • When a player completes any hunt.

The following information is collected once:

  • The model of device the game is installed on
  • A randomly generated PIN

The following information is collected on each completed hunt:

  • An ID unique to your device's saved game data
  • The OpenFeint name and unique user ID you are logged in as at the time of submission, if applicable
  • Gameplay statistics for that hunt, including but not limited to score, xp, and upgrade configuration.
  • Your IP address at the time of the submission

3. How we use your information

The information collected in section 2 is used to improve our products and services. By understanding how players like yourself play the game, we can make more informed design decisions for future updates and products. The data provided will also assist us in identifying situations in which the game behaves in an unintended manner.

Additionally, we may publish information derived from your submissions at for uses such as (but not limited to) blog posts and leaderboard tournaments. We will adhere to the following restrictions:

  • We will never publish your IP address
  • We may publish information derived from your IP address so long as it cannot be reverse-engineered to provide your IP address.
  • We will not publish your OpenFeint name in conjunction with either your IP address or data derived from it.

We make a good-faith effort to prevent publishing anything that can identify you personally. However, if you use your OpenFeint name as an alias in a public location that also contains personally identifiable information, we cannot prevent any individual from identifying you this way. If you wish to remain anonymous, please ensure your OpenFeint name cannot be traced back to personally identifiable information elsewhere.

The information collected by OpenFeint in section 4 is covered by the OpenFeint Privacy Policy which is available within the OpenFeint Dashboard or at . OpenFeint may make some or all of the above information available to Gibbed Games, LLC.

We may distribute any collected information to partner entities for uses such as, but not limited to, storage and processing. In such circumstances, the data will be considered confidential information and secured appropriately. We will not sell your information or permit a partner entity to use it in any manner inconsistent with this policy.

Except as outlined above, we will not distribute any of the information collected to any other parties.

4. Information Collected by Third Parties

This product uses OpenFeint technology, which collects the following information regardless of whether you participate in OpenFeint. Information collected by OpenFeint is governed by the OpenFeint Privacy Policy which is available within the OpenFeint Dashboard or at

The following is collected regardless of whether you are logged in to OpenFeint:

  • When the Game Feed was first shown and started loading
  • When the Game Feed completed loading (so we can tell how long it normally takes to load)
  • When the Game Feed is no longer displayed
  • When a specific feed item is shown (an impression)
  • When the user clicks a feed item
  • When the user launches the OpenFeint dashboard from the Game Feed
  • When the user closes the OpenFeint dashboard after launching it from Game Feed
  • When a user logs in to OpenFeint from clicking a Game Feed item (only applies to OpenFeint users since they’ve now logged in)
  • When a user logs in to OpenFeint from clicking the OpenFeint button (only applies to OpenFeint users since they’ve now logged in)

For each of those events we also include

  • Session id (a randomly generated id created for each game session)
  • User id (only if they are logged in to OpenFeint)
  • Game specific unique identifier (a unique id we create for each user. This is unique for each game so we can’t recognize a user as he moves between games)
  • Session length
  • Total game time across all sessions (only for OpenFeint users)
  • Time stamp
  • Hardware (iPod2, etc)
  • Game id
  • Game version
  • Platform (ios, Android etc)
  • Country
  • IP Address

5. Contact

Thank you for taking the time to read and understand our Privacy Policy. If you have any questions about our privacy policy or the data we collect, please contact us via e-mail at .

Copyright 2011 Gibbed Games, LLC

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