Turkey Season Winter Update is out now!

This update is free for existing players - log in to the store you purchased it from and the update will be available!

Don't have Turkey Season yet? You can find it here:




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Happy Hunting!


Turkey Season Winder Update is on its way!

We have sent the Turkey Season Winter Update out for approvals - it should be released within two weeks! The Winter Update is free for existing players. The changes are as follows:

  • New content: Winter Lake, a challenging, all-new hunt
  • Leaderboards are now weekly
  • Hunter's Eye is now more effective
  • Bonuses are easier to achieve and are now worth 200 points (down from 300)
  • Remove points from individual upgrades - no need to Reset All for minor tweaks
  • Performance improvements, especially for single-core devices
  • Menu Transitions are faster
  • Devices with keyboard can now reload by pressing space, enter, q, or p
  • General UI improvements and bugfixes

Upcoming Turkey Season Leaderboard Changes

Turkey Season 1.2 is coming soon, and with it, a re-evaluation of our leaderboards. Our current thought is to abandon the "Best Hunt" leaderboard and add "High-Score This Week" for each hunt.

Moving to a weekly format gives new players a chance to make visible progress in the leaderboards every week without having to overcome a veteran's personal best score. It encourages continual competition and acts as a disincentive to cheaters.

What do you think of this proposition? What else would you want to see in our leaderboards? Leave us a comment below!


Naughty Elves has been released!

Oh no! Naughty Elves are stealing toys from Santa’s Workshop and replacing them with coal! You’ve got to stop them or Christmas will be ruined!

It’s Christmas Mayhem in Naughty Elves! Stop the deviant miscreants in their tracks with a powerful volley of snowballs. Rack up enormous points by preventing any of them from leaving your sights, and then spend them to improve your arsenal - or challenge yourself by calling more elves!

Compete with friends and strangers worldwide with OpenFeint support. Worldwide leaderboards and challenging achievements await. With Game Feed support, you can even keep track of your rivals’ progress in between rounds, ensuring you never miss a chance to one-up your friends - or enemies.

Naughty Elves is an endless, chaotic snowball fight for the highest score - all in the Christmas spirit, of course.

Get it now on the Amazon App Store for Android!


Turkey Season is now available on the Android Market!


Turkey Season has just been released for the Android Market! It has also been updated to version 1.1, which contains the following changes:


*Added OpenFeint support!
*25 new achievements, two leaderboards, and GameFeed support!
*You can now install Turkey Season to internal storage, USB storage, or SD card
*Added a tip plaque to show hints and information on the title screen
*Back button behaves in a more consistent manner compared to other Android applications.
*A certain 'special' type of turkey is more rare now

This update will be available for Amazon App Store customers soon.


Turkey Season is now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android!

We are proud to announce the release of Turkey Season, now available on the Amazon Appstore for Android!


Turkey Season is a fast paced arcade-style tap shooter. Hunt turkeys to earn points towards upgrades like:

  • Turkey call - Find more turkeys on your next hunt!
  • Shotgun Ammo - Shoot with reckless disregard for reloading!
  • Shotgun Spread - A wider spread makes it easier to hit turkeys, even several at once!
  • Hunter's Eye - Improved reflexes make turkeys appear to move slower!

Turkey Season is hours of frantic, addictive fun for only $0.99! Get it here!